Avraham and Ahuva Shosafi

In 1949, before immigrating to Israel, Avraham and Ahuva Shosafi arrived to the Hashed immigrant camp together with their only daughter Ora, six months old.

While they were at the camp, a doctor passed through and declared that it was necessary to examine the child. She was taken to the clinic and there she was brought into a room and her parents were left outside. At the clinic they declared that the child needed to be taken care of, and they pleaded with her parents to go and only return the next day. The next morning the parents returned to get their daughter, only to be told that she died. After insisting to at least see her body, they were shown, from afar, five bodies wrapped in shrouds and they were told that one of them was the child, and then they were thrown out of there and warned that if they didn’t go, the police would be summoned.

Avraham testified for days at the State Investigation Committee.

In 2014 Ahuva passed away, to our sorrow, without knowing what fate befell her daughter Ora.

Today Avraham is 98 years old and we are full of hope that possibly he will succeed in reuniting with his daughter, or at least receiving answers.