Aviva Bibi

This is the testimony of Aviva Bibi, who worked as a nurse for Hadassah between the years 1952 and 1954:

There were children who were left in the hospital and could not be identified. Those were handed over to WIZO [Women’s International Zionist Organization].

A nurse liaison by the name of Shifra Birnberg—mother of Elkayim Rubinstein—dealt with the release of the children to additional institutions aside from WIZO.

In the time that Aviva worked in the ward there were hardly any instances of death. She does not know to which additional institutions the children were sent.

In most of the instances the children were of Sephardi heritage and when the parents came they were not given accurate details.

Children came in from the immigrant camps and the nurses bestowed their own names upon them.

The nurse in charge of the ward adopted a child with a dark complexion, probably through the ward.

Social workers seemingly tried to kidnap her sisters when they arrived in Israel from Iraq. Her father drove them away.