Aziza (Ahuva) and Georgi (Tziyon) Mahlev

My parents immigrated to Israel from Bagdad- Iraq in 1933 with their three daughters, aged 3-6, and lived in Tel Aviv. My brother David was born in 1937 or 1938 and at two years old, was hospitalized at in Tel Aviv, with a diagnosis of Typhoid fever.

According to the hospital’s notice, he passed away. A relative who knew Hebrew received the notificatןon and my parents, who could not speak the language, accepted it as is.

My sister, who passed away a few years ago, searched throughout the years for a grave.

About 15 years ago, a grave bearing David’s name was found at Givatayim Cemetery, possibly in Nachlat Itzhak. My parents passed away before this was discovered. We didn’t raise the issue until they had passed, to avoid causing them further pain.